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    Converting Work into Heat

    The trasformtion of kinetic energy into heat was discovered by Homo Erectus by rubbing two pieces of wood, the rapid turnover can ignite dry grass.
    This discovery marked a turning point in prehistory, humans are distinguished from other species then.
    By converting the energy of its action kinetics resulting in heat, there are about 380 thousand to 400 thousand years …
    During the 19th century, water wheels will were used to generate electricity. At the end of the century, the turbine will replace the wheel hydraulics.
    The electric current could be converted into work and / or thermal energy. Before this invention, is was considered utopian even impossible since the mechanism is well known and easily found in the elements of daily life to know for example, the heating of the brake circuits, shooting stars, the heating of fluids in circulation and any moving object, etc.. … This prevents and credits the perpetual motion …

    In the 17th century, any person would have said that ,an obstacle on a waterfall, could be converted to, several thousand degrees Kelvin, he treaty would, crazy, insane and irresponsible, in our days, is a truism!
    This usually happens in a hydroelectric plant, the resistance of the alternator attenuated the rise in temperature of the circulating water. The arc of an electric current, can cause several thousand degrees Kelvin !
    Transformation heat energy to kinetic energy, in these days is utopian and even inadmissible .

    We can not say that is impossible, because we don’t know yet, how to realize it !There are many ways, economically viable, environmental technology, engineering and science, today to meet this challenge is : A Device and Method for Converting Thermal Energy, low temperature ,in Kinetic Energy ( Work)

    Device and method for converting thermal energy, low temperature Kinetic Energy:. This can be useful to solve energy problems … < http://vaporengine.blogspot.fr/
    Francois Kneider

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    Here is a Device that, I cannot imagine the scope, I’ll let imagine its implications, of operation on its surrounding technology, which can have consequences, unimaginable upheaval in the , ecology, politic and/or economic of the world…

    Device and Method for Converting Thermal Energy, low temperature, in Kinetic Energy ( Work)

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